“Opposites Attract” – Paula Abdul

Before I met the Mr. I was hanging out with this super cool guy who was just like me. I mean JUST like me.

27.1 Opposites Attract.png We were into the same music, we both dug art, we liked the same movies and enjoyed the same concerts, had very similar painting styles – down to preferring the use of the same colors, and even ordered the same drink at coffee shops.

Yo, do you want to grab some Woodstocks GF pizza and watch a documentary?

Of course he did because it was exactly what I felt like doing at that moment.

He surfed, I liked reading on the beach; I had dogs, he a cat. Those were our differences. It was like I was dating the male version of myself which you’d think would be awesome – someone to always pal around with and do what you wanted, but it was quite boring and one of us was not needed. Sorry Charlie, you weren’t needed.

On the other hand, I sometimes wonder how the Mr. and I mesh so well together even though we are, most times, polar opposites. He really is the yin to my yang. For instance :

For every 653 words I say, he’ll say 11.

I love color (think of a cross between David Bromstad and Antonio Ballatore) with chaotic themes, while he’d be happy with a plain white palette and nothing but neatly arranged books on the shelves.

He lived in Yosemite for many years prior to going to college and was pretty close to being a “dirtbag,” all for his love of climbing; I on the other hand, dislike to camp without bathrooms nearby and weekend trips are enough for me.

He is a spender, I am a saver.

I love the ocean, he loves the woods.

He likes things neat and orderly, while I make a complete mess.

I’m a planner, plans drive him crazy.

He is very methodical a-b-c-d-e-f , and I’m all over the place f-b-d-a-back to d, maybe I’ll get to c later, pineapple, blue, and remember that one time I told you about that girl who was wearing the same shoes as I was? (Yes, I drive him crazy, ha!)

However, I know we have the same foundations. We seek the same comforts when sad (cinnamon rolls, really do help improve mood), we both love God, will do anything for our little family, and we both have the same vision for the future … even if we have different paths to get there.

Don’t think we’ll ever
Get our differences patched
Don’t really matter
Cuz we’re perfectly matched

I’m glad we’re married another year, darling. Here’s to many, many more.

Moral of the story: Diversity is grand.


2 thoughts on ““Opposites Attract” – Paula Abdul

    1. Glad you liked it! I’ve read your post and I believe we are thinking along the same line. Superficial differences don’t matter much, such as color choices, and music, but major differences such as how we spend money and our religious choice certainly do. Have fun in your dating endeavors!


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