“I Feel Free” – Cream

We did it. We got rid of our smart phones. Let me tell you, it is awesome!

If you’ve read Car Radio, you’re up to date on our reasoning as to why we wanted to give up our fancy, everything phones; but if you haven’t, it’s because we want to simplify all areas of our lives. I was nervous, oh, so nervous about jumping off the smart phone wagon and going back in time BUT after only one week of no smart phone I am fully adjusted!

I’m longer able to price compare products to Amazon on the fly, respond to that “important” email right away, or pull up directions if I’m lost. So what. Not the end of the world. I remember when I first started driving, I didn’t have GPS to help navigate me, getting lost was actually kind of fun. In fact, I’m going to make it a point to adventure and get lost on purpose/explore/enjoy the journey more.

I’ve gained time I didn’t realize was being sucked away from me in “few minute” increments and I no longer care where my phone is at all times. Nor do I care if Peas and Carrots drop the brick on the floor. My phone is just a thing now, no longer does it have an unconscious pedestal that keeps it by my side within arms reach.

I feel free.
I feel free.
I feel free.

PC: Sandra Lopez

Crazy, isn’t it? I let something totally take priority in my life without my consent. It didn’t have a cord, but I was totally tethered to it. No longer. The cord is cut and I am free.

“I can walk down the street, there’s no one there”

Moral of the story: Know what you’re plugged in to.


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