“Inaudible Melodies” – Jack Johnson

Wow. Where is the pause button? Life is moving incredibly fast, and nothing out of the ordinary is happening.

25. Inaudible Melodies
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I’ve not even had naps to update this little blog as more than a months past since I’ve last wrote a thing. “Slow down everyone, you’re moving too fast.” Thanks Jack, I wish my kids would listen!

I know there are a million and five women who would love to be able to stay home with their own fantastic offspring and trust me, I know how lucky I am that it works for our family. I’m also lucky that I want to stay home with the girls, okay – MOST days I want to be a stay-at-home mom. I’m also very thankful that the husband makes enough to support our simple lifestyle. But man, can it be tough. Amiright? To give, give, give, then give some more, with who knows what smeared on my sleeve, top knotted hair, fingerprinted glasses (because who has time to put contacts in these days??), and listening to Raffi Pandora yet again…hey, at least our station now throws in a ton of reggae for this mama, orange thumb.

I know, for me, its entirely too easy to get caught up in life. The twins are moving in opposite directions or fighting over the same darn toy, there seems to be unending number of diapers to change, bottles to wash, crumbs to clean, garden produce that needs picking, eggs to be gathered, laundry to be done (oh the laundry!), and meals to be made … and that’s without even leaving the house. Then there’s the bare necessities out of the house such as grocery shopping, bank runs, and because it’s not cost effective to buy all our home needs on Amazon/Jet, Target runs.

Even though life seems crazy busy by just being, it’s only for a season. In no time these chickadee’s will be one, ten, then off to college. So, even though I’m listening to yet another version of, “Wheels on the bus,” while the dog is happily posted up under two messy highchairs and the twins are having a high-pitched squealing contest between fist fulls of whatever they’re feeding themselves, I’m sure there will be a time when I miss these moments and a thousand more. Dance party sessions with abandon, shared spoonfuls of mush, and cuddles just because, these are some memories I want to hold on to forever.

“Slow down everyone…”

Moral of the story: Thoroughly enjoy the little things because before ya know it, they won’t be happening anymore.


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