“Here It Goes Again” – OK Go

My poor little family is not thriving right now, in fact, we are like felled dominoes to a head cold.

23. Here We Go Again
PC: Alternative Day Fasting

It all started with my sweet girl catching something last Sunday in the church nursery. It was mid week when she began to show symptoms, which were super mild, but seemed to be feeling much better by the weekend, ya know, just when I thought it was contained and she’d be the only one in the house to get it. Nope.

“Just when you think that you’re in control, just when you think that you’ve got a hold,
just when you get on a roll, here it goes, here it goes, here it goes again. Oh, here it goes again.”

Next up, our other sweet girl followed by Daddy a few days later. The cycle is now complete now that I too have caught the nursery head cold. It’s as if this cold has a mind of it’s own as it’s symptoms hit harder and longer with each person it infects – or maybe it just seems that way as I have been dealing with it in one way or another for over a week now, sigh.

Sidebar: Who do my kids scream their heads off when I wipe their noses? It is more than just slightly annoying. I would like to believe they would think to themselves, “Thanks Mom, it’s nice to not sit here with boogies creeping toward my mouth.” Oh no, instead I feel like their thoughts are more along the lines of, “Super soft tissue coming at me again? When will this lady stop?! I don’t mind the moisture on my upper lip! If it starts to bother me, I’ll just use my sleeve, sis’ sleeve, or even your sleeve to clean it myself.”

With Daddy sick on the couch for the third day in a row, and I use the term “on the couch” loosely as the man can not just sit and rest which prolongs his healing process, it is like I have three kiddos to care for, all the while not feeling well myself.

Um, hello? I just want to lay in bed and fall in and out of consciousness while my body heals! Who can I call to cash in on some sick days? Seriously, can I get a substitute up in here? The bottles won’t wash themselves, the laundry keeps piling up, the humidifiers and essential oil diffusers won’t auto-refill, and why does my family still want to eat?

And the Mr. is sicker than us all (wink, wink).

You all must know by now that I think the world of my husband; he is not only talented, he is kind, super sweet with our girls, can fix anything … the list can go on and on, really it can, but I’ll just sum it up as to I definitely married up. That is until he gets sick.

When the Mr. is sick he is worse to deal with then both twinsies and myself combined. I don’t get it. He totally injured himself while making the swing set for the girls recently (which was more than likely my fault, by the way, eeek!), but no big deal, he just walked it off, and probably cursed in his head a little, while I ran around trying to find my phone so I can call the ambulance, but get a little head cold and man, oh man, no one has ever been sicker!

“I should have known, should have known, should have known again, but here it goes again. Oh, here it goes again.”

Well, I must go tend to my sickie, and we all know I mean the Mr.

Moral of the story: When the Mr. is sick, its worse than caring for two kiddos.


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