“Swing Life Away” – Rise Against

For Christmas the girls received these rad wood swings by Greta the Fox  When Grandma D asked for suggestions for presents I totally envisioned these hung from the orange tree in our back yard and all the Mr. would have to do is hang them on a sturdy limb.

22.1 Swing Life Away

Silly me. As usual, what I plan and what actually needs to happen were two different things.

Let me preface this post with the following: the poor Mr., I am FAMOUS for underestimating the time in which things will take for him to make. Like that one time I volunteered him to make a logo for a friend because I thought it would only take a half hour, maybe a whole hour at most, or this past Christmas when I bought all the supplies to make a busy board for our nephew and asked the Mr. to put it together in, “5, 10 minutes – tops.”

To my defense, he’s great at everything he tries and makes it all look so easy that I just assume it will be a breeze for him.

Since my just hang the swings on a limb wasn’t going to work, I set out to find a DIY swing set he could build. It didn’t take me long to find this site, complete with a cut list and instructions. I don’t particularly love the look of the swing set, but like I said, it had all the instructions the Mr. would need.

This past Saturday, after mowing the lawn, cleaning out the chicken coop, pulling up the kale and planting (more beets, maybe? or maybe it was green beans) in it’s place, the Mr. got to work on the swing set.

If you’re more astute than I, you would probably catch that the instructions of the set don’t match the picture of the final product from the found website. The Mr. would have caught this, if I had only sent him the entire site rather than just printing out the cut list with instructions.

After another trip to the home improvement store, and running into Sunday, it all worked out. We needed a slightly longer stretcher so we used the 8 foot one the Mr. prepared as extra support on the sides as the legs didn’t angle out as the picture indicated. Good thing his “love is a labor, he’ll slave to the end.”


22.2 Swing Life Away

The girls love it already! I can tell we’ll “swing life away” for quite a long time. Also, when the girls outgrow these swings we can put something else fun up or hang a porch like swing on this structure, so all his hard work will not got to waste when these swings are outgrown.

I bet the Mr. is going to be excited about this next part – I already have an idea for next year! Since this is a much burlier set than I imagined it to be, the Mr. could make each side of the frame into a mini rock wall for the girls to climb … it would probably only take an hour or so to complete, right?

Moral of the story: Measure twice, cut once, and don’t let me give ya information piecemeal.









































































































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