“Do It Anyway” – Ben Folds

21. Do it Anyway
PC: Carrots ‘N’ Cake

“Tell me what I said I’d never do. Tell me what I said I’d never say. Read me off a list of things I used to not like but now I think are okay.”

If you’ve read my post, The Times They Are A Changin’, you know I am a planner. Let me also tell ya’ll, my plans have a way of not working out at times. I had this idea in my head of what I wouldn’t do once I had kids; before I had kids I swore, I would neeeever do a ton of things. Sigh. Live, and learn.

Here are a few things I swore I’d never do when I became a parent.  I’m only seven months in at this point, so I’m sure this list will grow, but here it is … thus far:

Drive a mini van. Hello! How lame is it to drive a mini van? Super. Do I care anymore? Absolutely not. With a set of twins, my pre-baby car was not cutting it. It was low to the ground and a sedan.  The trunk was taken up almost entirely by the stroller and it was cumbersome to put two car seats in and out of on a regular basis. Let alone trying to fit groceries into it as well. I am now a proud owner of a mini-van. The Mr., by the way, loooooooves driving it, no joke!

Put the twins in matching outfits. I hate this, or rather hated this. Truth be told, we get a lot of matching outfits as gifts and it’s so easy to not think about what to put them in and just grab two of the same thing. Besides, it is fun to watch as people try and guess which darling kiddo is who. With that being said, in the future, I won’t mind them dressing the same for family photos as I like to pick a color scheme for those, but I do not want the girls to be only known as a twin. As they get older and their personalities shine through a bit more, I’d love for them to dress according to their likes and preferences. They will always be a twin, no need to showcase it to the world, they are individuals as well and should be treated as such.

Sniffing butts … in public. I used to think this was the grosses thing when I saw parents do this, now I do it on the regular. With two tootie booties, that at times are more than tootie booties, it’s a must.

Using the bathroom as a moment in peace. I now get it. Sometimes it’s the only time I get to myself all stinking’ day.

Put the kids in front of the T.V. I was so darn adamant about this one. I still don’t like it, but sometimes, it just has to be done. Granted my kids only get less than 30 minutes of screen time a week, usually when I need to make a phone call or seriously need a break (please tell me I'[m not the only one who'[s been there!) or yet another version of wheels on the bus again on the kids pandora station. I don’t want to be a mom who uses the TV as a baby sitter on the regular, but I’m human, and despite how hard I try, not supermom. Besides, Baby Signing Time is  educational, right?

Revolving my life around nap time. If the twins don’t get enough sleep, they make it known. Prior to kiddos I totally thought I’d have my kids on a precise schedule and that even if we were out and about during their nap time, their little bodies would be so accustom to sleep they’d just not off in the stroller/car seat/ whoever’s arms they were in. HA! Who has a birthday party at 2:00 in the afternoon, don’t they know it’s nap time? The twins will be in meltdown stage soon after arrival : RSVP, decline. Sigh. The girls sleep schedule rules my life.

Getting a “mom” haircut. I did it, I got an above the shoulder haircut, and it only took a few months into my journey as a mother to do so. I had long, naturally curly hair that I loved, but I had no qualms about chopping that sucker and am so thankful for my scrunch and go style.

“Do it anyway. It’s done. You did it.” Thanks Ben.

Moral of the story: Never say never.


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