“Pass It On Down” – Alabama

18.1 Pass it on Down

If you’ve read my recent post, Rain, you know I love the rain because it not only reminds me of living in Santa Cruz, but it also evokes a sense of cleansing, as well as feelings of calm.

The Mr. loves the rain because it helps prepare his garden soil by leaching all the minerals from the leaves, compost, and wood chips he has worked so hard to layer.

Another reason the Mr. loves the rain, it collects in our four rain barrels.  Have I ever mentioned that my husband is amazing? He really is! Last year he made us our rain barrel system that we use to water our raised bed gardens as we believe rain water is superior to city water. “And that water, it’s so pure…”

Have you ever read your city’s water report? Our water has matters we’d rather not have contact with on the regular, yikes! “Like the water from our sink, they say its not safe to drink.”

To help combat the ick, we have a filter in our shower, and we have a reverse osmosis system attached to our kitchen sink; not a perfect situation, but better than nothing i suppose. We’d love to have a whole house reverse osmosis system, and when we (finally) own a home, we will.

Back to the rain barrels.

Pretty cool, right? Our fourth barrel is near the chicken coop, that one we’ll use to water the chickens.

Rain away! I have 8 million projects to get to … right after I wash more bottles, fold some laundry, un-stack the dishwasher, give the kids a bath, make dinner, and put a load of diapers in the wash. Sigh. At least the sound of rain will add some melody to the coos of the girls and reggae playing in the background.

Moral of the story: A pair of wellies are always in season.


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