“Absolute Beginners” – Davie Bowie

So now that I have sat in a grievous state for the loss of Cooper for entirely too long, here is a post about new life…

We have six chicks in the house! Ya know, because we didn’t have enough to take care of already, ha!

14.1 Absolutely Beginners

These chicks are seriously adorable. We have two Americana – (Chicken) Little, and (Mother) Clucker; two Barred Rock – Mary (Poopins), and Dixie (Chick); and, two Rhode Island Reds – (Henny) Penny, and Lay-a. I know I probably shouldn’t have a favorite, but I do – Little is the runt and so sweet!

14.2 Absolutely Beginners

It looks like I’m squishing Little but I assure you, shes fine, it’s just a weird angle.

If you’ve read Old McDonald had a Farm, you know we’ve been preparing for chickens in our lives. We ended up┬ádealing with the sudden passing of Cooper and getting chicks the same week – talk about good timing. The other dog and I have had little time to feel sad with infant twins and chicks to take care of. We’ve had a lot on our hands these last few weeks.

Even though we are, “absolute beginner(s)…” against some peoples judgment, we really are, “absolutely sane.”

The Mr. has also completed the coop! When the chicks get to move from the living room condo we created to their outdoor home I’ll post a picture as it’s pretty darn incredible.

Have I told ya’ll before that the Mr. is amazing and I’m lucky to have him? It’s true! And because I know he’ll read this post, “I absolutely love you.”

Moral of the story: Even though we lose loved ones, there is new life just around the corner.


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