“Unpack Your Memories” – Trevor Hall

Unpack your memories (2)

It is with a heavy heart that I write this post, we lost a part of our family this weekend.  Cooper, one of our nearly 10 year old Yorkies, got sick suddenly and is now reunited with my sister, who is undoubtedly singing him nonsense songs while cuddling with him.

Cooper was a part of our family, was with me for most of my adult life, was a constant companion, and helped me through some tough times. If you’ve read my post, The Scientist, you have an inkling of my tough times.  Cooper was there, always ready to snuggle and give comfort.

He was not himself last Wednesday, on Thursday he couldn’t hold much down, I took him to the Vet on Friday who gave him an anti nausea shot as well as an antibiotic shot. I was in constant prayer over the weekend, seeing him suffering hurt my heart.  As the weekend unfolded, we knew we needed to make an appointment first thing Monday morning to put him to sleep as he was in pain; yet I felt sad about me choosing to end his life.

After laying around all weekend, not moving from his bed unless we moved him, and only drinking when we forced him to with a dropper, Cooper let out a few coughs Sunday evening. We petted him, whispering that it was okay to go, that he was a great guard dog but that the Mr. can take over now, that he was a great first “baby” as well as a loving companion that I will never forget. I told him Auntie would be waiting for him and that he can high five Jesus for real.*

I feel much sadness that our little guy is gone, but I’m thankful for the time I had with him, that he is no longer suffering, and that he left on his own in the comfort of his home while being told sweet things by people he loved and loved him right back.

We buried him under a willow tree on my parents farm at sunset. Unpack your memories, Dig in the soil.”

Unpack Your Memories.JPG

Moral of the Story: Love unconditionally, as you never know when life will change.

*maybe I’ll tell you this story one day.




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