“Rain” – The Beatles

I. Love. The. Rain.

It has been raining pretty good here for the last couple of weeks and it’s magical. California has been in a drought for the last few years so this rain is very welcome!

Rain, and misty weather for that matter, not only reminds me of living in Santa Cruz, it also evokes a sense of cleansing, and feelings of calm.

“Rain, I don’t mind, Shine, the weather’s fine.”

Apparently, the twins love the rain, too.

11. Rain

In this picture, you can see their little heads, cocked to see the dogs, as they are parked in front of our 50 inch “Nature TV”, or NTV for short.  The girls love catching the rain show, so much, that they are typically content for about a half hour. Yippee!

Anything that entertains two infants for more than 5 minutes is wonderful – needless to say, our NTV gets plenty of use.

Moral of the story: Nature is awesome entertainment.


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