“I Saw the Sign” – Ace of Base

I’m totally announcing that I grew up in the 90’s with my song title today, sigh.

Moving on.

We all know that life is “demanding without understanding,” so the Mr. and I have started using basic sign language in hopes of opening the lines of communication with the girls within the next few months.  The girls are in their fourth month, so I’m hoping the repetition will lead to them signing within a few months. How exciting will that be for our girls to have a form of communication other than coos, cries and giggles!

I saw the sign photo
PC: Earth Explorer Toys

In addition to the above we are also signing, Mom, Dad, and dog.

I’ll keep ya’ll posted as to when I see the first sign, then I can really sing, “I saw the sign, I saw the sign …”

Moral of the Story: Learning how to communicate with loved ones is worth the effort.


3 thoughts on ““I Saw the Sign” – Ace of Base

  1. I just came across your blog – I’m a mom of twins too 🙂 I did “more” and “all done” w/ my 3 kids and it was one of the best parenting decisions I made. We were able to communicate much earlier than talking and those two simple statements are so versatile. Takes a while for them to catch on, but it’s the best when they first start signing back! Good luck with everything!


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