“Somewhere Over the Rainbow” – Israel Kamakawiwo’ole

It’s the beginning of the year and, although the possibility of new things is always just a moment away, somehow the turning of the calendar makes me think of all the things I dream about.

Dream with me.

In only a few years time I can see…

The Mr. and I being debt free. We can’t wait to no longer be slave to the lender! We try very hard to stick to a budget and live below our means so we can become debt free; and, once we are debt free, we will be able to build wealth, change our family tree, and be blessings to other people.

Owning a little plot of land, just an acre or two will be sufficient, where we farm the majority of the food we consume, as well as share our bounty with family/friends, and perhaps make a little money at it.

Hack/Home schooling – something along the lines of what this rad little guys parents do would be amazingly fun and would totally help foster the girls own interests so they can be masters in what makes them happy.

Having a successful little side business where I can flex my creative fingers while the girls nap.

I read somewhere that a dream/vision board helps keep one focused on what they truly want; therefore, the Mr. and I have a vision board in our kitchen that we put pictures of things, like the above, so we have constant visualization.

“Somewhere over the rainbow, Blue birds fly, And the dreams that you dreamed of … Dreams really do come true ooh oh”

Somewhere over the rainbow.2

Some things have already come true: having two healthy children and getting to be a stay-at-home mom;

Some things are in constant progress: growing in God, living healthy, and being content with living a minimalist lifestyle;


Some things are in the works now: chicken coop!

Moral of the story: Good things come to those who wait … although sometimes one must work their booty off.


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