“Adventure of a Lifetime” – Coldplay

Today I got the biggest promotion ever, I am officially a stay at home mom! The pay stinks, the hours are long, and at times it’s a bit monotonous, but this shall be my most rewarding job yet.

Since I’ve been home with the girls for the past four months, I know what work is required to keep these two kiddos thriving, and I don’t feel like any of the facilities I came in contact with would be able to do what I do with the amount of kids they watch. Yes, my girls might be socialized much sooner than what I will be able to do if I had them babysat, but that is the only positive I can see about putting them in daycare.

Furthermore, I just can’t imagine paying someone to watch all my girls firsts, instill their values, and teach them what they deem important.

On top of that, we cloth diaper and strive to eat whole foods.

It would be extremely hard to do be both a successful career woman and a fabulous mother, so, I choose my kids. “… and if we’ve only got this life, in this adventure oh then I, want to share it with you.”

We are now a one income family. Thankfully, we live simply and have been working on our income to outgo ratio by reducing our expenses. We will still be able to live below our means … even if it’s by consuming lentils and kale from the garden.

Here’s to homemade dinners on the table when the husband gets home, a clean house, and happy, well adjusted kids!

Adventure photo
PC: some ecards

Moral of the story: We ain’t keeping up with the Jones’.


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