“Changes” – Ziggy Marley

(Photo illustration by the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel)
PC:The Sun Chronicle

So I am very aware of toxins in things. 

When I moved to Santa Cruz, to be near other like-minded people and lead an easy-breezy beach lifestyle, I ended up cleaning up my home environment including cosmetics, cleaning supplies and my food intake.  I did a “change for the better and not for the worse.”

If you’ve read my previous post, Crazy, you already know this is one of the reasons why we use cloth diapers for the twins.  The junk that wicks away the moisture, plus fragrance, and dyes in disposables are a total science experiment and from the research I’ve done, not good for kiddos.  Go on, do some research of your own.

I was using products that were totally green washed and I was fooled into thinking I was making healthier choices – those sneaky, sneaky marketers; and to think that’s what I went to school for, sigh. It is only after discovering my favorite app did I learn the true nature of the products I was using.

One of my favorite apps is Think Dirty. Just a warning, you will either love or hate this thing.  You can scan all your beauty products and it will give you a rating based on the ingredients.  This app gives a product a rating from 0 to 10, with 10 being the most toxic, based on every ingredient in its makeup.

Every label in my little beach bungalow was scanned, and most things got thrown away or donated to friends who would not partake in my cleanse. I was also the nerd in the aisles at stores scanning products trying to find replacements for things I had thrown away.

I know what you’re thinking, “but I love (enter name of favorite product here) and could never live without it!” Or, “you don’t know my hair/face, I would be a mess without such and such.”

News flash, you don’t need all those products! Sleep in a bit longer and cut your morning routine. You are gorgeous just how you are and are most beautiful in a more natural state. Promise.

Another warning, the finding of low or non-toxic products that work and don’t cost an arm and a leg is a bit time consuming, but if you stick with it, it’s totally worth it! I am proud to say that no item in my house is more than a “4” in toxicity and the overall rating of all products in our home is a “2”.

Even the Mr. is on board with our natural products, and I must say, his shaving cream/after shave combination leaves him not only smooth but also smelling irresistible!

Thank you, Think Dirty, for showing me my dirty, dirty ways.

What are your favorite low toxicity products?

Moral of the story: A less toxic face is a happy face.


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