“The Times They Are A Changin’” – Bob Dylan

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Let me preface this whole thing with saying, I have no idea what I’m doing as a blogger or a new mom of perfect, identical twins. Here I go anyway!

As my second favorite Bob says, “The times they are a changin’.” I have been home for a few months now in preparation of the twin’s arrival followed by caring for these hungry, hungry, hippos; and, I’m trying to figure out my new normal. It has been nearly four months since the birth of the kiddos, and I am just now able to carve out a chunk of time to craft my first entry.

My life is no longer mine, it is dictated by two cute beings who demand to be fed every two hours and who always seem to need their diapers changed. When will they start eating more so we can perhaps hit the grocery store and the bank without having to feed in the parking lot? Soon I hope!

Between caring for the kiddos, doing dishes, keeping laundry going, making dinner and trying to get adequate sleep, it’s needless to say I no longer have time to shop for the fun of it or skip off for a “quick cup” of tea for some girl time. Amazon Prime is my new best friend.

My previous life as just a wife was pretty selfish, in retrospect … eating whenever we wanted, going wherever we wanted, whenever we wanted, you get the idea. Now, I consider myself lucky if I can have a bowel movement in peace, take a shower, and see any chore to completion all within the same day. I knew life would change once the twins arrived, but how much, I was unprepared for.

The Mr. and I found out we were expecting on Christmas of 2014, (what a gift!) and I spent the entire pregnancy researching supplements, reviewing baby items, crafting a registry and reading how-to books. I interviewed OB’s and pediatricians in order to pick one that most closely aligned with our wants/needs. I also carefully crafted a birth plan with all the knowledge I had gathered through internet research, talking to other twin mamas, and the input of our OB and doulas. I was/am full of knowledge and was totally prepared for, not only the labor, but also everything that came after it, including getting the twins on a perfect schedule and to sleep though the night within a matter of weeks. Ha!

Wait, that does no justice to what actually happened. HA! Ahahahaaaahaaaha HA! Yes, that’s life laughing at me.

I am so blessed to be married to an amazing guy who fully supported me and didn’t once leave my side for more than a bathroom break the entire 30 hour labor; I also had wonderful doulas encouraging me, a waiting room full of people who wanted to brave the unknown hours of labor to congratulate us and, finally, learn the gender of our offspring, and thoughtful text messages from many who love us – just not enough to sit in a hospital waiting room for hours on end. Despite all the prayers/love/encouragement/well wishes we were receiving – nothing, and I mean nothing, about my perfectly planned birth went according to my carefully crafted plan.

First off, I wanted to have these kiddos naturally, not even ibuprofen would pass these lips, is what I thought. Fourteen hours later, I was singing a different tune, “Drugs!” I cried, as I vomited, again, and felt yet another strong contraction rumbling into existence.  At that point I had to push aside all the knowledge I had gathered about drugging my babies with pain medication because if I didn’t, I felt I would split in two right there in the hospital room. All the while I was still only at a three.

After finally getting an epidural, which was absolutely wonderful at taking away any pain I felt, I was able to catch a cat nap and regroup for the actual pushing. Finally, I was at a ten, yippee! Three hours of pushing with a ton of encouragement but absolutely no movement from Baby A, nor energy from mama, the twinsies were cut out of me. 3 minutes short of a 30 hour labor and we had two gorgeous girls!

Shoot, we had boy names picked out but could not agree on girl names, and since we had a 50/50 chance we winged it. Two days, and many toe curling breast feedings later, the girlies were no longer going by Twin A and Twin B; we had Maggie & Millie.

After nearly a weeks stay in the hospital and a stint in the ER where I underwent a blood transfusion, we were home. In our home. With two newborns. We had no idea what we were doing. The kids were crying, the dogs were barking and we were just trying to survive.

Life had changed.

I am no longer just a wife, and pet mama, I am now a real mama as well. Scary yet oh, so fun, and exciting! I started this blog with a nutshell version of our birth story. New life, new role, new blog – it just makes sense. Welcome to my new normal.

Join me as I figure out life in my new role. I’ll just jot down experiences as they come and you’re more than welcome to follow along.

Moral of the story: Life doesn’t happen according to carefully crafted plans.


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